Health issues

With the aging population in industrialized countries, the demand for health care will become greater.

Furthermore, greater awareness from a part of the population of developing countries and better accessibility to health care will ensure that the demand for a comprehensive and natural approach to health care will continue to grow.

It is clear that more and more people have desire to take control of their health. The phenomenon of health appropriation keeps growing and is here to stay.



A brief analysis reveals that health care already represents one of the greatest economic challenges of our century in most industrialized countries demonstrating an aging population. Conventional care will not be sufficient for the demand. We are already seeing problems related to access and effectiveness of these treatments.

In addition, more and more people, especially the baby boomers, are interested in their quality of life and well-being. The goal is to live as long as possible in good health. This is why many want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and become more conscious and responsible about their health-related choices.

It is in this social context that we propose solutions to the growing needs of consumers by offering supplements and functional food products that support the maintenance of people’s health throughout their lives.

This is made possible thanks to a proactive approach for preventing diseases and conditions associated with aging.

Healthy aging, this is what we all seek. Medelys meets this basic need by providing simple and effective solutions.

What Medelys offers

Medelys offers natural health products that are used to help prevent (keep our body healthy ) the occurrence of acute or chronic conditions often associated with aging. We offer products which are intended to complement conventional therapies or, in some cases, to offer a softer alternative (less side effects) to more aggressive therapies.

General principle of our products

We aim to improve the homeostatic balance of the body by using formulas compatibles with the natural physiological processes of the body. Our products are designed and formulated to work by stimulating or supporting the body’s natural repair and defence mechanisms. The goal is to foster a fertile ground for self-healing.


Our approach

Our therapeutic approach is based on the biological underpinnings of the body.

The body is composed of millions of cells that are involved in the making of an even greater number of molecules by different biological processes. The proper functioning of the body requires several physiological mechanisms. By feeding ourselves and resting well we constantly renew our cells and molecules, which allows the body to repair itself.

The metabolism represents the set of the body’s chemical reactions that are responsible for maintaining our health. The metabolism is influenced by the genetic profile of our parents, but also by the influence of external factors, such as environment and diet. Aging will also have an impact on our body metabolism and on its ability to repair and maintain its integrity versus the ongoing attacks it undergoes.

Among other examples, the food we eat to renew the molecules of our bodies and to give us energy also creates wastes that are less well-disposed with aging. These wastes are toxic chemicals that are aggressive for the body and create damage that will be more difficult to repair and will possibly become permanent.

The body is constantly under attack from our environment: toxins, UV and cosmic rays, pollution of air, water and food. For example, the wastes, created by the conversion of our food into energy with the help of oxygen, may eventually attack our healthy tissues.

This is where our products are useful, by either preventing these events (or diminishing their effects) or by contributing to the repair process in reaction to these events.