Knee pain and dry skin that cracks

I am a man in his forties and, without knowing it, one of those who need to use collagen. In fact, what did lead me to Supreme Collagen? The reason is that I began to have pain in my left knee due to my daily yoga positions. Also, the skin at the extremity of my fingers was cracking to the point of bleed because my skin was too dry. I tried many things to soothe and relieve this pain, but nothing worked. One day, I saw the Supreme Collagen commercial describing what it can do and I decided to try it. About a month later, I realized that my knee problem was greatly changed. My skin was getting much more flexible, to the point that there was no more cracking in my fingers. I am someone who plays tam-tam, so it was very sensitive and painful in my fingertips when I was playing. When I stopped using the product for one and a half months, the problem came back on my fingers. Therefore, it convinced me to get back to the store and take the Supreme Collagen again. Thanks Dr. Leroux,

(Y.) Chénard

Back pain, tendinitis, energy

The first time I tried Supreme Collagen, I already saw a difference involving the improvement of my health condition. When I was at work, I was not able to get rid of tendinitis and back pain. I tried Supreme Collagen and a few days later, the pain was softenend and the energy increased through all my body, which gave me the opportunity to accomplished more things and duties, with a generalized feeling of well-being. Two weeks later, the major difference felt the first time was stabilized and my state of well-being was maintained. Sometimes, when we feel good, we forget the pain that we had before. Due to a financial issue, I decided to stop using this product (for a month). At the beginning, I did not notice any prominent difference, but three weeks later, back pain and tendinitis came back when I was at work. It was at this moment that I realized that collagen was essential because of its real benefits for my body. This situation conducted me to analyze what had happened in the past month and since I stopped taking collagen, my body had been more tired and I had got sick during these three weeks, with difficulty to regain the great energy that I used to have with Supreme Collagen. So with this in mind, it convinced me to continue to use Supreme Collagen.

Suzanne (S.) Lamy,

Hand pain

On Fall, my friend spoke to me about the product and I told myself that I will buy a bottle for my brother who has arthritis. I never thought that I could need a bottle for myself too. I have been working as a scene-shifter for a long time and I have suffered from pain in my hands. I never thought that it could be a beginning of arthrosis. So I bought a bottle for my brother and another one for a family member who would need one but was not ready to try it at this time. Therefore, I kept the second bottle for myself and decided to try it. Indeed, after a few weeks, the pain and the cramps felt in my hands disappeared. As a matter of fact, the effects of Supreme Collagen are really quick.

(F.) Provencher

Swelling, back and joint

Before starting to take collagen in October 2005, I had a hard time with the joints in my hands and my knees were badly hurt. Also, when I went shopping and was driving back home, I used to tell my friends how hurtful was the pain in my back. My fingers were swollen, and I was not able to remove my ring for many months. Today, after only a few months of using collagen, my knees and joints in my hands do not hurt anymore, I have been able to remove my ring because the swelling is gone and I do not complain anymore about back pain in the car. I grant Supreme Collagen for this.

(T.) Giroux

Back pain

I am 44 years old and my work is really demanding for my back. I had to take many months off and went to the doctor for being told that I had exhausted vertebras and that I was affected by arthrosis. I have been introduced to Supreme Collagen in September 2005. After three weeks of using it, the pain in my back decreased by 60%. I returned to work and it has been going well since. I am very satisfied.

Q Guylaine