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J.F Robert Bolduc
Executive Chairman & Co-CEO

Jean-Yves Leroux (Ph.D., MBA) President & Co-CEO

Tuong Tuan Thong Executive Vice-President

J.F Robert Bolduc
Executive Chairman of the Board & Co-CEO

Jean-Yves Leroux (Ph.D., MBA) Founder, President & CEO

Tuong Tuan Thong Executive Vice-President

Medelys Laboratoires International

Founded in 2006, Medelys works in the health sector as a specialized developer and manufacturer of effective and functional natural health products and dietary supplements.

With its highly qualified scientific personnel, Medelys creates new formulations of health products that meet the current health needs of the population.

Medelys manufactures its own products and puts them on the market, in partnership, with qualified distributors.

Jean-Yves Leroux (Ph.D., MBA)
Founder, President & CEO

Educated at McGill University, Jean-Yves Leroux (Ph.D., MBA) is a specialist in immunology and biochemistry in the areas of cancer, immunity and arthritis.

He evolved for 20 years in renowned research institutions and his work led him to make important discoveries in the field of arthritis.,

It was following his research work that Dr. Leroux became interested in natural and alternative treatment approaches. He was able to observe the lack of scientific knowledge and rigor in this health sector as well as the absence of effective and safe alternative for people suffering from arthritis and joint problems. This is why he decided to found, in 2006, Medelys Laboratoires International Inc. whose mission is to develop natural health products that are both innovative and highly effective.

Supported by a high-level scientific and professional team, Dr. Leroux has already developed several successful formulas in the industry and is constantly interested in scientifically supported approaches to develop new cutting-edge products for the well-being of the population.

J.F Robert Bolduc
Executive Chairman of the board & Co-CEO

J.F. Robert Bolduc has over 30 years of MLM industry related experience with an extensive background in Sales, Marketing and Management. He was the co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of an International multi-level marketing company between 1984 and 2009 which had cumulative revenues of $3.6 billion with 375,000 distributors on 5 continents which had a peak sales year of $250 million. 

He occupied the position of Chairman of the Multi-Level Marketing Association (MLMIA) and served for years on the Board of Directors of the Direct Sellers Association (DSA) both in the US and Canada. 

He is also a graduate of the Advance Management Program for Post graduate students from the prestigious Harvard Business School University and was the President of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Montreal, Canada. He was honored by making the cover/front page of the Quebec Enterprise, a highly respected Canadian Entrepreneurial Business Magazine, who was doing a review of the Direct Sales Home Based Business Industry. In 2004, he was selected to appear on the U.S. Scully World Show along with Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson, broadcasted across the U.S. on the Public Broadcast System (PBS). He also presently sits on the Board of Directors of both Canadian and US corporations.

Tuong Tuan Thong
Executive vice-president sales & marketing

Thong is the VP of Medelys Laboratoires International, in charge of sales and marketing. He is also responsible for new business development in Vietnam and South-East Asia markets.

Thong has more than 20 years  experience in market research as a marketing consultant in FMCG and Pharmaceutical fields in Vietnam and South-East Asia markets.
Founder and managing director of FTA marketing research (2002-2011). General director of Intage Vietnam, a subsidiary company of Intage Japan Inc. (2011-2017).

Master of Marketing and Sales Services – ESCP-EAP Europe

Our facilities

Based in Ville Saint-Laurent, in the suburbs of Montreal, in new facilities of modern laboratories, Medelys possesses a laboratory of research and development and a manufacturing factory of finished products.

We are a company certified by Health Canada for the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).  Our office space, equipped with advanced information technology and scientific documentation, allows us to stay informed about the latest scientific news.

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